Sober Travel

Having Fun in Recovery 

Holidays in Recovery

Thank you for your interest in our Holiday offer for Fellows in recovery.

We're going as a group on vacation and keep the well-known and notorious 'triggers' as much as possible out of your way.
Without shutting ourselves out off course, on the contrary, we are going to discover the beautifull places, cultures, local customs, we relax at the pool, take a dip in the sea, enjoy the Yoga and the massages. We go jungle tracking etc etc.

And because of the fact that we make this trip among us, as Fellows in recovery, we learn, we teach, all from and to eachother. 
We have an evaluation-session every day.

No matter where you are in your recovery, with Sober Travel you will find a supportive community, besides the beautiful journey, with an abundance of opportunities for personal growth, close newfriendships and get to know yourself even better.. Step by step, day by day.

We leave with a group of twenty maximum*, including yours truly as an organizer and expert, 
And a very professional Coach- Counselor for the so valued mental support and session leader.

(* except for the Family holiday in the SECH'RY, we will be a larger number, up to 60)

Care to join us?